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Traditionally, plumbers dug long and deep trenches to repair sewer lines. Trenchless sewer repair has since replaced this labor-intensive method as the better method for repairing damaged sewer lines. Discover the benefits of trenchless sewer repair below.

1. Minimally Intrusive             

The traditional method of sewer repair involved digging up large sections of your yard. Since the plumbers had to dig a trench along your sewer line, they damaged landscaping and pavements and even leveled some parts of buildings.

With trenchless repair, the technicians dig small access holes to access the sewer line. Then, the plumber inserts a liner made of epoxy resin and inflates it once it's inside the deteriorated sewer line. The process essentially creates a new sewer line in the old one.

This sewer repair method preserves your yard and property, making the method better than traditional techniques. Plumbers also try to minimize the damage as much as possible by containing dirt in a tarp. 

2. Time Savings

The traditional sewer repair technique is time-consuming because the crew has to dig around the damaged sewer line. After repairing the worn-out sections, the technicians filled the trench as it was before they started work. 

The method typically takes several days or even weeks for large projects. In contrast, trenchless repair takes a few hours, and your plumber only needs a day to dig access holes and repair the sewer line. 

3. Convenient 

The conventional sewer repair method is inconvenient because the repair crew is in your yard for several days. Your family's daily routine will be interrupted since you don't have full access to your sewer system.

If you take time off work during major home improvements, you need several days to supervise the project. Trenchless sewer repair doesn't disrupt your life or routine, and you resume full use of your sewer line after a few hours. 

4. Cost-Effective

The trenchless method is cheaper than the traditional technique because less labor is needed, and the plumbers don't require digging equipment. When the sewer problem lies under expensive floors, the conventional method becomes incredibly expensive because of repairing the damaged materials. Unforeseen issues during excavation can also inflate the costs of repairing sewer lines with traditional methods. 

5. Eco-Friendly

The traditional technique for sewer line repair requires heavy excavation machinery, which disturbs the surrounding environment. Heavy digging also interferes with plant growth and causes long-lasting effects on the ecosystem. 

In comparison, trenchless methods preserve the environment because the plumbers only do a little digging. This technology also generates less waste since the technicians repair the damaged pipes from the inside out without removing any sections. 

6. Enhanced Safety

Excavation is risky, and injuries are common when digging through damaged utility lines. Digging trenches can also release harmful substances into the environment.

Trenchless repair methods are safer because plumbers only dig small access holes. If the technicians want to see the extent of the sewer line damage, they perform video inspections without putting themselves in danger. As such, you can relax knowing that the crew working in your yard is safe from excavation injuries.

7. Durable 

During trenchless sewer repair, plumbers replace worn-out pipes with high-quality materials like epoxy and polyethylene. The new lines are free of joints and discourage tree root invasion. These materials also resist corrosion and cracks, avoiding expensive repair and replacement expenses in the future. 

Trenchless methods give you a system that lasts 50 to 100 years with proper maintenance, while conventional techniques only last 30 years or less before needing major repairs. Moreover, the pipe liners of trenchless technology boost flow capacity in smaller houses by increasing the size of the sewer pipes in the system.

Our crew at PlumbRite is highly trained to repair sewer lines with minimal invasion of your property. This technology saves you money and time, streamlines construction, and delivers durable repairs. Contact us today to discover more about trenchless sewer repair technologies.

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